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Step Into My Time Machine.......

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NEWS FLASH: Terry Knight's murderer Donald A. Fair his daughter's boyfriend was sentanced to life in prison on May 27,2005.

Step back in time and read about one of the hottest bands of the 70's, Grand Funk Railroad. This site will concentrate in the band in the 70's with pictures, magazine articles and reviews taken from that era. Please refer to the Great Links page for other sites that talk about the band today. Most of the information found on this site is from magazine articles and from Billy James' book "An American Band, the story of Grand Funk Railroad." Please enjoy, and check back often for as I collect information I will update the site. Please too sign the guest book and let me know what you think! Sit back and enjoy the band you've been waiting to see...

Coming soon, more articles and other great features! Be sure to check back soon!!

Check out the Newspapers and magazine articles from the 70's link! Read about being a Rock star for a day, how it was being a Grand Funk roadie and, some uninformed critics of the times. Please check back often, for there will be more articles added soon!!

Please check out the webring link listed below for some great sites on classic, alternative and just plain great rock and roll bands!

Don Brewer performed at the "Modern Drummer's Festival" recently. Check out Hudson to get your own Don Brewer video! Don talks with crowd and plays along with great Grand Funk Songs including "We're An American Band", "Closer to Home" and "T.N.U.C". Mark recently put out a biography, "From Grand Funk to Grace" by Kristofer Engelhardt. The book includes a 4 song CD and all books purchased through Mark's site are signed by Mark and the author, and now available at his website. Just click on the pictures to order the video or book!

Don Brewer's Drummers' video

Mark Farner's Book, "From Grand Funk to Grace"

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